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For the convenience of passengers, Palm Tran Route 61 Pdf offers a downloadable PDF for Route 61, which contains essential information such as the schedule, stops, and route map. This resource is particularly useful for planning your trip and staying informed about the route’s features. You can access the PDF on Palm Tran’s official website or by using third-party transit apps that support Palm Tran services.

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palm tran route 61 pdf
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Palm Tran Route 61 Pdf Description

Palm Tran Route 61 is an essential public transit route in Palm Beach County, Florida. It provides a reliable means of transportation for residents and visitors alike, connecting various key destinations throughout the region. This article presents a detailed overview of Route 61, including its schedule, stops, and key features. Additionally, we will discuss the availability of the route’s PDF for convenience and ease of access.

Route 61 Overview

Palm Tran Route 61 traverses the Palm Beach County area, offering a convenient mode of transportation for those traveling between Palm Beach Gardens and Boca Raton. The route services major hubs like Gardens Mall, Northlake Blvd, and the Boca Town Center, thereby catering to the needs of both daily commuters and tourists.

Schedule and Frequency

Operating from Monday to Saturday, Route 61 maintains a consistent schedule with buses running every hour. However, Sunday service is limited, with buses operating at two-hour intervals. To ensure a seamless travel experience, passengers are encouraged to consult the latest schedule updates and any potential service changes on Palm Tran’s official website.

Stops and Landmarks

Palm Tran Route 61 covers an extensive network of stops, connecting passengers to prominent landmarks and points of interest within Palm Beach County. Some noteworthy stops include:

Gardens Mall: A premier shopping destination featuring an array of retail outlets and dining options.

Lake Park Town Hall: The administrative center for the town of Lake Park.

Northlake Blvd: A bustling commercial corridor with various shops, businesses, and restaurants.

Congress Avenue: This major thoroughfare connects several residential and commercial areas, providing access to essential services and amenities.

Palm Beach State College: A renowned educational institution offering a diverse range of academic programs and courses.

Delray Beach Tri-Rail Station: An important transit hub, connecting passengers to the wider South Florida rail network.

Boca Raton Town Center: A popular shopping, dining, and entertainment destination, catering to the diverse interests of residents and visitors.

Accessibility and Amenities

Palm Tran is committed to providing accessible transportation services to all passengers, including those with disabilities. Route 61 buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts or ramps, ensuring a comfortable and convenient travel experience. Further More,  for seniors and individuals with disabilities will be given more priorities.


Palm Tran Route 61 is an indispensable transit option for residents and visitors in Palm Beach County. With its comprehensive coverage of key destinations, reliable schedule, and accessibility features, Route 61 ensures that passengers enjoy a smooth and efficient travel experience. By referring to the Route 61 PDF and staying up-to-date with schedule changes, you can make the most of your journey on this vital public transportation route.

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